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16 Candlestick Patterns Every Trader Should Know IG International

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Hence a trader should look at buying opportunities with the occurrence of a bullish marubozu. The buying price should be around the closing price of the marubozu. It does not matter what the prior trend has been, the action on the marubozu day suggests that the sentiment has changed and the stock is now bullish. Two black gapping is a continuation pattern that suggests a bearish market trend will continue.

Candlestick patterns are a way to show prices on your chart. It’s not the only way, you have things like a bar chart, line chart, etc. The piercing line is also a two-stick pattern, made up of a long red candle, followed by a long green candle. Bear and bull power indicators in forex measure the power of bears and bulls to identify ideal entry points. Access our latest analysis and market news and stay ahead of the markets when it comes to trading. Information, only it’s presented to the trader in different form.

It’s a reversal pattern, which means it’s formed at the end of a bearish trend. It looks similar, but instead of peaks, the price forms bottoms. The pattern appears at the end of a downtrend and signals a formation of an uptrend. The signal is confirmed when the price closes above the neckline after the formation of the second shoulder. A head and shoulders is a reversal pattern formed at the end of an uptrend.

  • However, before buying the trader, ensure that the day is a bullish day to comply with rule number 1.
  • The large sell-off is often seen as an indication that the bulls are losing control of the market.
  • Three Black Crows Consists of three long black candlesticks with consecutively lower closes.
  • What you want to do is just combine these two candlestick patterns and you will have a clearer understanding of who’s in control.

The hanging man’s color, like the hammer’s color, doesn’t matter. It should be emphasized that the red hanging man increases the possibility of the potential decline of the asset. The most interesting is the workout of the hanging man pattern in real trading conditions. Below I will show you how to trade this pattern so that you can copy it. The breakout of the lower border of the ascending channel served as an additional signal to open short trades.

Best Chart Patterns

16 candlestick patterns every trader should know on to find out what the bullish and bearish hammers warn about. This list includes reversal patterns such as hanging man, hammer, evening and morning star, dark-cloud cover, piercing pattern, shooting star and inverted hammer. A cup and handle pattern provides a signal for the continuation of the uptrend.


Unfortunately, the Dragonfly Doji suffers the same limitations as the Gravestone and all other Doji formations in that it is not an especially reliable candlestick pattern. Once again, it is recommended that the pattern be accompanied by other confirming indicators such as volume, RSI, or the MACD. The aptly named Doji Gravestone pattern is a bearish reversal pattern. This means that it signals the price of the security is about to fall. So this is the basics of the candlestick patterns and how to read it.

How to read candlestick charts?

Make your decisions based on your available information and do not look back. While charts, trading patterns, and indicators can provide you with a statistical advantage when making your investment decisions, they are not a guarantee. The first candle is a large bearish candlestick, followed by a three small candlestick, the second candlestick creates a gap in the direction of the main trend. You will realize that the candlestick pattern will look like the hammer over here. But you can see that there is a strong price rejection and a strong selling pressure in the background.

bearish harami

As you can see in the image above, the candle is a clear sign for a pattern day trader that the trend is reversing upon meeting a wall of impassable sellers. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to wait for further candles to receive confirmation that our gravestone doji is bearish. Though traders do typically take profits or enter short positions when a gravestone doji at top is spotted. Sellers tried to take the price as low as possible , however, they were weak and buyers swooped in, resulting in the bullish hammer candlestick above. Also note that the longer the wick of the hammer in candlestick chart, the greater the buying pressure.

Top candlestick patterns every trader should know

As you can see in the example above, the secondary candle was significantly smaller than the primary candle, and the trend still failed to reverse. The key criteria to identify a Hammer pattern will be the length of the shadow. The shadow, or wick, should be at least two or three times longer than the length of the body to qualify as a Hammer pattern. The problem with a Shooting Star pattern is that they are not especially bearish and can only present themselves after meaningful rallies or uptrends. During a major uptrend, the significance of a single candle should not be overstated. Therefore, you will need to wait for the price to begin to fall to confirm the reliability of the Shooting Star.

The closing price of this second candle, which is here, the closing price will be the closing price of the hammer. From this high right to this close, it means that sellers at one point in time have to come in and push the price lower to the close over here. This tells you that the buyers are in control, and that’s why they can close the price right near the highs of the range. What a green candle means is that the price has closed higher for the period.

It occurs when a chart has higher swing highs than swing lows and vice versa. The pattern almost always indicates that prices are climbing in an upward trend. In this particular instance, the pattern has the potential to be bullish.

candlestick patterns

In periods of correction, when the price moves sideways, the line is drawn horizontally. The trendline is mostly drawn through closing prices; there should be at least two points. The aim of the trendline is to determine support and resistance areas. A chart pattern is a certain shape that resembles a well-known subject, such as flags, triangles, or a cup. Patterns are widely used to help traders determine the market direction as well as entry and exit points.

The pattern is considered to be most reliable when the opening price of the secondary candle is significantly above the close of the primary candle. The long upper shadow of the candle is representative of all the bullish traders that are now losing on their trades as the price has fallen. As you can see above, the pattern is comprised of three distinct candles.

With years of experience writing about the financial markets, Dylan has written for large brokerages and financial publications across the globe. He currently specializes in both the U.S markets and cryptocurrencies. Identifying a Bearish Harami pattern is fairly straightforward. It consists of a long white candle which is immediately followed by a small black candle.

This particular pattern depicts a fight-off between the buyers and the sellers, resulting in no net gain for either one. A Doji candlestick pattern mostly sends a neutral signal in the market and recommends to hold onto any trade decisions. There are either reversal candlestick patterns or continuation candlestick patterns. Reversal candlestick patterns show that the market’s short-term direction is about to get reversed. A continuation pattern shows that the market is likely to continue in the same direction. A reversal pattern indicates that the traders can no longer push the market in a certain direction; therefore, the price starts moving in the opposite direction.

The length of the candle is important because it demonstrates that the market has attempted to move down the price of the asset but failed. Buying pressure has pushed back the price of the asset to the body of the Hammer. The Japanese refer to this as a bullish “Kamikaze fight.” The failure of the market to move the price of the asset down even further is what indicates that a reversal may be imminent. However, for the general reader, we can assume that a bullish body leads to a more bullish reversal, whereas a bearish body leads to a less bullish reversal.

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Gap trading: how to use gap trading strategies.

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When it appears at market top it is considered a reversal signal. This is reason enough to respect these candlestick charts and patterns. In addition, many successful traders use candlestick charts today because they deliver dependable and accurate trading signals.

The triple top is a sort of chart pattern used in technical analysis to indicate a reversal in an asset’s price movement. This pattern appears three times at the peak of a price trend. A triple top, which consists of three peaks, is atechnical indicatorindicating the asset in question may have reached its highest point and may no longer be rising in value. This indicates that the asset’s price may soon begin to fall. A reversal in the trend, in which the market moves from bullish to bearish, is typically indicated by the creation of a head and shoulders pattern on a chart. This pattern has been recognized for a long time as a trustworthy pattern that can identify reversals in trends.

  • Cautious traders will wait for this confirmation before their trades but will again sacrifice some of their returns if the pattern is successful.
  • The large high resembles a head, and smaller highs serve as its shoulders.
  • The pattern is considered finished when the price breaks below the neckline drawn through the trough.
  • Thus, if the pennant pattern is forming over 13 weeks, it becomes a triangle.

As you hopefully guessed, a gravestone doji candle in an uptrend means that the trend is dead! The candlestick has no body and resembles a nail hitting a coffin. Above is an example of what candlesticks look like and what they represent. Every candle has a low price, high price, and an open and close price, represented by the wicks and “body” of a candle, respectively. A red hammer candle forms at the bottom and signals that a bullish price rally is about to begin. There is no difference between the red and green hanging man since only the candle’s structure is important.

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